Honing In With Macro: Water Drops


The times I have taken to study the science behind water has made me appreciate it all the more. The fact that two simple hydrogen molecules and one oxygen create something that beads up like it does amazes me. Water is so cool and yet while we use it everyday, we can forget how cool it is. Macro photography has allowed me to more fully appreciate water and the way it makes droplets. Megan Kelly is a master of this style and capturing the water drop. Check out here stunning work at http://megankelly.org/macro-portfolio/


My Process

The flowers were setup indoors. I was in a lodge in Victor, Idaho with a group of photographers. We set up a few tables with some external lighting and different arrangements of flowers. To include the water drops, we used squirt bottles and droppers to get the flowers wet. I got creative on some of them and squirted the bottle as I was taking the shot to get the effect I wanted.

TheTylerPrice_macro-water-drop_4651 TheTylerPrice_macro-water-drop_rose_4579 TheTylerPrice_macro-water-drop_4746

This shot shows the drop of water in the air. You can actually see the full plant in the water drop even though it is in motion. Macro water drop photography can still help me to dabble in my love for photography with action and motion.

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