The Tyler Price Portfolio

Fall 2015 has been filled with time holding a camera. I have been using a Canon T3i most frequently with my 18-135mm lens. I love how versatile it is without me having to spend big money on photography gear yet. This season I have been focusing on turning my photography into a business. With only being paid for a handful of shoots so far, I don’t feel its yet worth investing thousands into gear. For that reason, I am proud of the quality I have been able to produce on a college budget.













How Comm316 Helped My Photograpy

Being in college and studying something as fun as photography is fantastic. A year ago I purchased my first dslr and occasionally I would take a picture I would deem as “wallpaper-worthy” but they were few and far between. This semester I have produce much more content. Through shooting so frequently and with such different styles, I now have many photos I would deem “wallpaper-worthy” compared to previously. I acknowledge that your first 10,000 photos are the worst. My personal style is to develop this wallpaper status to create jaw dropping and inspiring photos. What got me into a creative industry is the feeling I get when I see a photo that inspires me. I want to my work to affect others the way I have been effected.

One photographer who’s work I aspire to be able to create equal quality action shots is Dave Black. Check out his work at

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